Bill Robinson

Trusted Advisor

Bill has, throughout his long career, pioneered successful applications in all areas of retailing from Merchandising, Point of Sale, CRM, Business Intelligence, to Supply Chain Management. As an executive for STS/NSB Bill worked closely with Rick and Maurizio to fulfill the promise of technology for the retail industry.

We gain from Bill’s deep background in, knowledge of, and passion for the retail industry and regularly use his skills as a writer, analyst, speaker, teacher, facilitator and visionary.

My work with Rick has reinforced for me the vital importance of data integration in almost every initiative a retailer undertakes. RIBA’s growing mastery is finally giving this long neglected area the attention it deserves

Bill lives with his wife in Baltimore MD. He is an avid reader, jazz pianist, golfer and community leader. He devotes much of his time and energy to learning new things and helping others who struggle.

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