Geoff Tollefson

Project Lead

Geoff joined the team in 2015 bringing his unique mix of retail knowledge, business education, work / sales experience, technical knowledge, and project implementation management. His expertise enabled Geoff to hit the ground running at RIBA. He has already made a huge contribution to RIBA’s success in some of its marquee projects through his professionalism, efficiency, loyalty and energy.

Geoff has embraced RIBA’s data integration process which he has skillfully exposed to some of RIBA most supportive clients.

I thrive on the intense focus of this work, trying my best to make every day count while remaining easy going and fun and not to taking myself too seriously.

Outside of RIBA, Geoff, a Tae Quon Do black belt, is a proud father who leads an active lifestyle playing hockey, rollerblading, kayaking, water sports, and taking active vacations with his family.

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