Maurizio Marzilli

Principal Analyst

Maurizio brings his commitment to quality and reliability along with his considerable talent, experience and vision to the team at RIBA. His enterprise understanding and solid technical foundation are enormously valuable disciplines when bridging between business users and technical. Prior to RIBA, Maurizio worked with Rick and Bill at STS/NSB for many years. Then and while managing the information systems for a major online retailer, Maurizio acquired special skills including retail information systems; software development, testing and implementation; relational database modeling, design, analysis and administration.

I like to think our clients respect us for striving for reusability and extensibility, so that our work will be even more valuable long after our initial project is done

Maurizio and wife have raised a family in a quiet neighborhood in Montreal. His life is enriched through keeping up with fast pace of media in this digital lifestyle.

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