Michael Holland

Senior Analyst

Michael brings two decades experience as a Senior Director, Product Development at STS, now Aptos, working across the spectrum of retail applications. After working with many Aptos clients, he understands that a retailer’s digital-age success depends on brilliant OMS integration at all levels: data, system, and process. The goal is to support and enhance the omni-channel experience for as many retailers as possible.

To further that goal, Michael has joined RIBA where his unique expertise with OMS will help our retail clients solve the significant challenges they face with integration in this new age.

From the world of sports: ‘Players win games, but teams win championships’ and I think the same is true in any business. When everything is integrated, and working together; be it people, products, or systems – is when winning happens.

Michael enjoys spending his down-time with family, volunteering in the community, and socializing on the golf course.

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